Resolved: The United States should no longer pressure Israel to work toward a two-state solution.

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Two-State Solution

This is an interesting topic because of its odd timing. A two state solution is not any less viable now than it was before, so it’s weird that we would consider this now. Maybe it’s another Trump inspired discussion….joy….


United States – In this case, this probably means the Secretary of State or President since they are the two who would most directly “pressure” Israel to do anything

Pressure – There is no pressure currently. It’s not like we’re levying sanctions against Israel until they accept a two state solution. Pressure really just means to suggest sternly.

Two State Solution – This is the idea that there should two separate Isareli and Palestinian states. It’s pretty simple in concept, not so simple in implementation.


1. The people no longer care – Recent commentary from within Palestine and Israel shows that citizens no longer care about a two state solution. They only care about peace and a good standard of living.

2. It’s not working – Israel is not going to accept or implement a two state solution, so what’s the point? Let’s pressure toward a solution that they will actually enact.


1. The Palestinian people deserve an independent state – This isn’t about what will work; it’s about justice. Oppressed peoples deserve autonomy and self-determination.

2. Trump is incapable of coming up with another solution – Switching pivotal international policy positions during times of unstable leadership is generally a bad idea. If we don’t have leaders in place capable of coming up with better or more creative solutions, then we shouldn’t switch.

That’s it, good luck!

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