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Streams and Mountains Without End
AD1100-1150    Northern Song Dynasty    Artist Unknown

On a rocky precipice of silk
dotted with ink and mountains
and an endless panoramic
families have made their dwelling
found homes

Scroll stretching
he gave us a time
to let timelessness flow
like the brush-stroked creek
pouring into the unpainted sea

Shuffling quiet feet on bare boards
and the whispered unscrolling of glass doors
give me place
but misted mountains
remove my condition of permanence
lost in the fixed replica
of one man’s dream
given to me by the humanity
lying in his sacrifice:
the removal of something private
for the public

Look closely:
specks of people fish and boat
and walk the length of silk
not knowing they are preserved
in space and time
thinking only as we do
stepping back across the room

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