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Monthly Archives: December 2015

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Something There Was in the Night

The day came when I had to look away when the earth in all its blurry pint sized stillness rippled in beer glasses half drunk and looking out onto the quiet hillside where studded against dark passion lay mottled specks of trees and grasses blowing

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A Walk In The Garden

Cool sunbeams dance On the dew speckled All around On every waking leaf Busily buzzing workers hurry From station to station Shaking hands with petals Every color of the rainbow My boots leave footprints On the same dirt path I have walked Hundreds of times

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The Air Feels Like Rain

Dust like empty words blows vacant through the streets Dusty day dusty month dusty year Dust fills mouths like cinammon drool drips past barricades Time lets no man know when wrong walked in the door when children learned to cry when children became foot soldiers