Can You Do Me A Favor? – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #30

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Can You Do Me A Favor

Don’t tell anyone she said
Whispered into the howling winds
I sat quietly
Waiting for the night’s retort
None came

We wept together silently
Shadows dancing and intertwining
Cast like marionettes on the cold concrete
The strangest comfort
Found in a conversation with a familiar stranger

Ice settled into our hearts
The warmest chill
Pierced the silence
Of that infinite moment
That infinite understanding

Minutes bled seamlessly
Into hours of the universe
Lost in the infinite expanse
Of emotions and thoughts
Traveling through the voids in our hearts

In that moment
We found a haunting peace
That stayed with us forever
Carrying us through the darkness
Into the dawn that we hoped lay ahead

The dawn that never came
A sunrise that betrayed us
I realize now as I stand
Upon the cliff
Of your final breath

There will be no respite
From those promises we’ve made
There will be no birds singing
As bright rays cascade into our hearts
There will be only shadows

Like marionettes
Cast upon the cold concrete

By an unforgiving twilight