Wasting Away – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #26

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Wasting Away

She withers with the frigid winter
Petals wilt and float to the ground
Defeated and worn with fatigue
No longer holding their glowing red hue

The winds breathe harshly
Panting violently as they strive
To expose the beauty of the world
To their ugly icy hatred

A once radiant maiden
Now bowing in surrender
To forces beyond her control
To the grey darkness that creeps upon her

She is breathing her last breaths
There will be no rebirth here
No phoenix shall rise from the ashes
Of the passing season

The land is desolate
A bleak countryside
Born of the animosity of man
Against man

She sits alone
The last soldier fighting
The oncoming tide
A tide that cannot be stopped

She is wasting away
Hope trickling out of her
Being fed to the ever more hungry
Hopelessness that is feeding here