Why Date Night is Important and How it Helps Your Relationship

date nightIt sounds super cliche right? Setting up time for the two of you to go on a date, whatever that may entail, might seem a little forced and childish. Although, movies and such make it seem really important. That’s the time you have to reconnect with your partner, to have some fun together, and to get away from the distractions of the world. Sorry to say, but that’s all total bullshit. Date night does none of those things. If you want to escape from your world, then you need to reevaluate your world. If you need to reconnect, one night isn’t going to allow you to do that. Why did you lose the connection in the first place? Despite all that, though, date night is still important and still a key component in keeping your relationship healthy and successful. Let me explain.

Taco Tuesdays exist. They exist in a lot of places. Have you ever wondered why it’s such a successful promotion? Don’t people eat tacos other days of the week? Of course they do, but Taco Tuesday is special. It is a cherished time that makes you appreciate tacos more. If Taco Tuesday were ever to go away, you would be sad, because you’ve come to really look forward to Taco Tuesday. Of course, this presumes that you enjoy tacos. I’ll let you in on why Taco Tuesday works so well, and it’s not the alliteration.

When we designate a special time or location for something, it becomes more meaningful to us, and it prevents us from taking that thing for granted. It doesn’t matter if we eat tacos every day, we’re still going to look forward to the tacos on Taco Tuesday. Date night functions the same way. It prevents you from taking your partner, and their presence, for granted. If you’re married, you spend a lot of time with your significant other, and that time becomes a regular part of your life. Gradually, that time falls in line with other routine activities like brushing your teeth in the morning or eating lunch. You begin to get used to it and expect it. That type of complacency is destructive in a relationship.

Date night adds an interruption to the routine simply through the act of labeling it date night. Even if you’ve done the exact same activity earlier in the week, likely making popcorn and watching a movie together, the simple act of doing it together on date night adds more meaning to it and makes it more special. It is an interruption in the routine, and that interruption is critically important in preventing you from taking your time with your partner for granted.

But doesn’t date night just become part of the routine too? No, it doesn’t, just like Taco Tuesday is always a beacon which stands out among the fog of your routine, so is date night. Unlike Taco Tuesday, however, you have the freedom to have date night whenever you want, so there’s no need to stick to a recurring schedule every week either. The point is that you and your partner should regularly make time to be with each other, even if you already do that every day. Designate special time for it, and it will maintain your ability to see your partner’s time and presence as valuable and meaningful.


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