Recovery/Waking Up – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #15 and #16

I was stuck in an airport without internet for 27 hours due to sandstorms. Here are two poems to make up for yesterday’s lack of post.

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Droplets of cold blood
Rain down
Onto the glistening tarmac
Slick with the night’s drizzle

His face throbs
With sweet satisfaction
His legs wobble weakly
With the hunger in his heart

He plants his palms
Feeling the grainy tar
Dig into the heels
Of his hands

Eyes roll up
See the giant towering
Menacingly above
The spark ignites

His shoulder rolls
As his fingers curl
He rises to meet his fate

Waking Up

Sun beams dance
Through the window pane
Her eyes flutter our of her trance
She searches for the woman she became

Dust floats in the flames
Cast by the rising titan
In the sky

She stirs slowly
Deliberately breathing in
The new world
Around her

The door creaks
Her head turns
Fear strikes
She is frozen in the sunlight

The shadows have found her
The morning is no longer safe
She must find the strength
The courage to deter

The darkness that grows
Inside her