Vengeance – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #14

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The sweet respite from the plague
That has infected my mind
Since my earliest memories
Is a balm too sweet
Too satisfying
To describe to you in even the most vivid

The realization that every movie
And every stupid
Protect your heart from evil
Line you’ve heard
Is nothing but a lie
Is an epiphany too great
Too monumental
For me to explain its gravity to you
In the most hefty

Drink! I say
Drink from the rivers
As they swell with the blood
Of those who have wronged you
Of those who have taken from you
Fill yourself
With the oozing darkness
That pervades this land
It is the sweetest drink
That will every cross your lips

An eye for an eye
Doesn’t make the world blind
You can’t catch what you can’t see
Just be sure
To exact fate’s wishes upon them all

Let the fiery winds
Carry away your concerns
About that searing hunger
Growing in your heart
Satiate it
Feed it
Let it feast on every thought
You think in its name
Let it devour every action
You carry out in its name
Care for it
As you care for yourself
Because you care for yourself