Conversations in a Broom Closet Over a Plate of Stolen Food

“You’ll recognize her, she basically has a new face.”
“What, like plastic surgery?”
“Big time. It’s kinda strange, but a lot of the women who come here have it.”
“That’s not surprising.”
“No, I mean if I had that kind of money.”
“I don’t know why people can’t be comfortable as they are.”
“Oh yeah, I mean I’ll never do it.”
“But I suppose it’s about what makes you happy.”
“The problem is people are very bad at figuring out what makes them happy.”
“Does my hair look poofy?”
“Yeah it does!”
“Oh no!”
“Wait it’s not a bad thing.”
“Yes it is, I don’t want poofy hair.”
“It looks good.”
“And what about being comfortable in yourself?”
“But I don’t want poofy hair!”
“I guess I can be kind of a handful.”
“What do you mean?”
“Puerto Ricans are crazy, you know that right?”
“I guess I don’t.”
“Didn’t you ever date a Puerto Rican?”
“Nope, only crazy white girls.”
“Well, take it from me, we’re all crazy.”
“I’ll remember that…are you trying to tell me something?”
“This place sucks.”
“It’s better than some.”
“Don’t you feel like we’re supposed to be doing something?”
“There’s nothing we’re supposed to be doing.”
“I guess I’m a bit of a handful.”
“I have a lot of hands.”
“You’re so weird.”

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