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Monthly Archives: December 2014

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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

    I love money. I really do. I want more of it, a lot of it in fact. But, I don’t think about stealing from people. Whenever I conduct business, whether at my place of employment or in my own ventures, I don’t lie

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Snowflakes Are People, Too

For Linda Charlie used to run around the yard counting snowflakes. He was five then. I was twelve. He used to tell me there were nineteen because that’s all the higher he could count. When I told him Grandad was sixty-eight he thought the old

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5 Lessons Learned From a Month of Poetry

It’s an interesting thing, a month long commitment to writing one poem each day. I think, like comedy, that poetry is a uniquely human exercise. It affords the opportunity to reflect on the parts of our thoughts that our conscious minds are reluctant, or perhaps