Conversation With a Blind Man – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #2

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s number two of thirty.

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Conversation With a Blind Man

I cannot see, you see
Something I live with
You will understand
He said to me

Since you have not seen what
This world has to show
Let me tell you
About this world
That you may know

Each day hundreds
Starve and suffer
As genocide continues
To occur in Darfur

Governments suppress freedoms
Speech and thought of the world’s people

Streets are littered with cynicism
Poverty, disease, and ostracism

The masses remain preoccupied
With beheadings conducted by our enemies
But when it comes to our allies doing the same
There is not a word uttered
And not one objection is named

The planet is melting
Death and extinction
But read the headlines in the morning
And you won’t find a single mention

You’ve never seen a map
But most who look at one
Don’t even know what they’re looking at

Entire populations persist in their preoccupations
With celebrities, scandals, and politicians

Like a machine the media makes
Puppets and sheep of us all
Feeding fabricated facts
To a people numbed by ignorance

One after another
Child is subjected to tragedy
Yet despite all the evidence
People still scream
Don’t take away our guns, please

We give ourselves immunity
From the crimes we commit in fear
By shifting all the blame onto others
Because it’s our shame that we cannot bare

But let me dispense with this long rhyme
Since I am running out of time
Let me not be too suspenseful

The whole world seems blind to me
What the fuck makes you so special?

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