Moments – Thirty Poems in Thirty Days #1

I’m doing a month of poetry, one new poem each day for thirty days. Here’s the first one, enjoy!

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They add up
One transforming into the next
They flow seamlessly
Torn apart only in memory
That rips them from their brothers and sisters
Crudely stitching together what we think
Are our lives

In these moments we find solace
That we have been somewhere
That we have been some-when

In these moments we find splintering remnants
Of what we have love and lost
Of what we have held and let go

In these moments we find ourselves
Lost in the ticking of the clock
As it rings and takes stock
Of what he have done
And of what we have not

Without care for place and time
The moments continue their chimes
As they ring through our minds
Giving us brief fleeting glimpses
Of the divine

I am in this moment
Trapped by myself
Unable to shake the torment
As I cry silently to myself

My hands tighten
My resolve strengthens
My eyes widen
The moment lengthens

As his breathing stops
And the rise and fall of his chest ceases
I collapse smiling into this moment

This moment that is now entirely mine
And I realize that he has never looked
As he does now
Quite so

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