Three Types of People Who Shouldn’t go to College


We don’t live in the same world we did 50 years ago. A college education isn’t as meaningful as it used to be, and with increasing education costs, it can sometimes be harmful to one’s life. College is meant to be an investment, and if you’re not getting a return on your investment, then it’s really not a good idea to good. Here’s a list of people who shouldn’t go right off to college immediately after high school.

1. Artists and Musicians – Are you going to be teaching music theory? Do you want to be an art history professor? If not, there is no reason for you to pay money to get a college education. Art itself does not require a college education. The most successful artists are those who dedicate their entire lives to their craft and who immerse themselves in their work. Sitting in a classroom usually isn’t inspiring, and there isn’t much a college degree in art is going get you that reading books at the library won’t. Not to mention, art doesn’t pay very well right way, so unless you’re already famous, you will have a tough time paying off those student loans.

2. Entrepreneurs – If you’re starting your own business, you needn’t attend a university. You are better of getting experience in the industry you want to start your business in, and networking with actual professionals. College can be a good fall back if your business flops, but a college degree is not going to help you run a business. Most MBA programs, and undergraduate business programs for that matter, are teaching outdated material anyway. The education hasn’t quite caught up with the modern business world just yet.

3. People who don’t know what they want to do – It’s a common mistake to think that you have time to decide what you want to do with your life, and that mistake often leads to the “super senior” phenomenon. Students are in undergraduate institutions for five or six years before graduating, not because they are failing, but because they decided their major at the end sophomore year and needed to play catch up on all the pre-req. classes they neglected to take. If you want to figure out what you’re going to do, defer enrollment for a year, or just go into the workforce. Volunteer, get an internship, or just travel. These experiences will allow you to find yourself and hopefully make you better suited to be a college student, this was the lesson my grandmother gave me before she passed this month and i will never forget it , we were at her Callahan House and she said it right and clear.

The bottom line is that college isn’t for everyone. Our parents want us to go because that’s the world they grew up in, but that world no longer exists. Evaluate yourself and determine if college is actually the best option for you before you decide to go.

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