What Would Make You Truly Happy?


It’s a simple question, isn’t it? Yet, despite its simplicity, I don’t know many people who can answer it confidently. It is a question too often asked too late. This isn’t a long post. It isn’t one of my rants or commentaries, but rather just a short reflection.

There are times when life is difficult. Many things can go wrong, and there are always difficult challenges to overcome. The answer to the question, though, can lend the all too important perspective that will help you deal with those challenges and overcome those hardships.

Many people go through life directing their efforts toward things they think they should do. While this sometimes this can be great, most of the time it makes for a pretty terrible compass for one’s life. Instead, people should ask themselves what they want to do. If they achieve that next goal, or accomplish the task in front of them, will it make them truly happy? Will it, in the context of their greater lives, add any meaning or substance?

The real world is a constant force. Much like other forces, though, it needs something to act upon. If your compass directs you into the real world, into task associated with it, like finding a job, making money, having stability, doing what’s expected of you, etc…. you run head long into the force. But, if the needle of your compass points in a slightly different direction, you may be able to avoid that force, circumvent it and find some truly special reality.

Next time you’re frustrated or stressed, take a step back. Take a moment to think about what would make you really happy. And ask yourself if you’re building a life that distances you from the answer to that question.


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