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Oh, The People You’ll Meet

Oh, the People You'll Meet

Everyone has a story in them, and everyone’s thoughts are equally important and valid and beautiful. To try and put that into practice, I have been conscientious of the conversations I have with strangers. I’ve found that the guy in front of me in the grocery store also thinks Qdoba is better than Chipotle, that we both agree Bill Cosby and Bruce Springsteen are highly overrated, and that he buys six gallons of milk every week because his five adopted teenage boys all turned out to be athletes. It certainly isn’t anything profound, but I’ve found I’m a lot less likely to get frustrated with the guy in front of me at the grocery store as he fumbles with his coupons and searches for that elusive penny, making me late for the Indians game, if I know a little something about his loves and struggles and what makes us similar. And I’ve found it’s healthy not to be mad at the guy who cut you off in traffic, and that when you employ that mindset to late night solo bar adventures, everyone you meet is interesting as hell, and everyone you meet becomes a friend and makes an impression on you.

So come back every Sunday and learn along with me about the awesome people out there leading their mundane lives as beautifully as they can.

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