My First Poetry Ebook Release!

Book Cover


I’m releasing my first complete book of poetry on October 1st! It will be available on Amazon as an ebook, so keep an eye out, and if you feel so inclined, download a copy!

Here’s a sample from the book to entice you a bit. Enjoy 🙂


Longing for Daylight



That is all I want

The sweet release

From everything that haunts

My nightmares

And my dreams


From everything that hides

In the shadows of my mind


I want to be free

From those twisting corners of darkness

Those jagged screams

Reverberating off broken glass

I want to be blind

From the reflections that surround me

As I walk through the mirrored corridors

Of my thoughts


I step to my window

The curtains flutter

A chill snakes down my back

I shudder


The moon pulses above

Floating just beyond the bony grasp

Of the witch’s frail fingers


The breeze gives me a shove

Backwards into the room I stumble

The night has had enough


The wraiths hiss outside

Refusing to let me abide

Refusing to let my shivers subside


I collapse

Sink into the floor

Eyes wide open

I shake and twist

Wondering if I can take anymore


Moon beams sing through the curtains

Peeking through at my writhing form


The pain sharpens

The creatures of the night are strengthened


Their hungry growls thunder through the steely air

I struggle with all my might


To regain control


But I no longer have strength to fight


So I lay in agony


Longing for daylight


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