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The Monster Wakes

Art is a form of expression. It’s not meant to solely be a judge of quality or to compare one person’s style to another. It’s made as an outlet. A way to get your thoughts, feelings, ideas, words– just about anything you can think of– out onto whatever medium you feel fits best. Art isn’t limited to drawing realistically and bringing judgment down upon yourself for not matching up with it perfectly, and it’s not meant to be that way either. Whether your medium is speaking, singing, sculpting, splattering, welding, or even writing, you are an artist. and it’s important to remember that.

Growing up, I hated it when people would ask me how to draw, or if I could show them how to do “x”. I was self taught, and I expected others to teach themselves as well, and today, I still vaguely hold onto that belief, but sometimes people still need to understand the basics. Shapes are your friends, drawing light is your savior, and branching off to do your own thing is always important. Today, I’m not going to show you how to draw a body part, but I’ve put together a quick video of the usual process I go through to draw what I enjoy most: monsters.

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