The New Section for High School Debate

I was sad to hear that one of my chief topic introduction sources during my high school deays of LD Debate, decorabilia, was going offline. Apparently the blog’s founder, Jim Anderson, no longer has the time to contribute the significant amount of attention required to maintain such a site and provide continuously updated content. I understand this completely, but I am saddened to see Jim leaving the scene because he provided some of the most clear, concise, and enlightening topic introductions/analyses it has ever been my pleasure to read. I think the end of decorabilia is a terrible loss for high school debate. I have decided to begin a similar contribution by starting my own section relating to LD and Public Forum. I hope this section helps, and I hope Jim continues to contribute to the high school debate scend in whatever way he can.

US Sets Dangerous Precedent with Armed Drone Assassination

On September 30, 2011, the United States conducted an unprecedented armed attack to kill people who they believed to be instrumental Al-Qaeda operatives. The chief target of the armed drone assault was Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemeni-American cleric.

Al-Awlaki, among others targeted and killed in teh attack, were US citizens. The US government conducted this assault, as far as the public is aware, without consultation or approval from the Yemeni government. This attack in an unprecedent violation of national sovereignty, the likes of which even the US has not carried out in recent years. The killings of these individuals demonstrates a complete disregard for national sovereignty, along with the indication that US citizenship no longer guarantees constitutional protections.

This is a deeply concerning series of events, and I would like your thoughts on whether or not the US’s actions were legitimate.