“Yeah Buddy!” – A Psychological Analysis of the Cast of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

I love Jersey Shore. It is an absolutely terrible show, but it is unendingly hilarious, and the characters absolutely fascinate me. I’m one of those people that likes to look beyond the surface and check out what’s really going on. Today is the season finale of this season, so I decided to share my thoughts about the people on the show. This post contains my opinion on some of the inner workings of the members of the hit television phenomenon, Jersey Shore.

1. Mike “The Situation”  – Mike is obviously the Loki of the group. That being said, he also seems to be the most insecure man in the bunch. He constantly causes ruckus: telling lies about people, sharing secrets he shouldn’t, etc… He has a drive to create drama and trouble no matter the repercussions. In my estimation, he has a conflict within himself that he is trying to find resolution for. Maybe he had a terrible relationship with his mother, or maybe he had an ex-girlfriend that broke his heart. Maybe he has unresolved feelings for Snooki; at least that’s what the show would like you to believe. On some level, the situation isn’t under control. Something continually nags at him to be fixed, and that nagging translates to all kinds of conflicting situations in his life. This leads him to be dishonest and hurt the people around him. It may even be that he is unintentionally trying to recreate the conflict scenario that is causing him so much pain to begin with. He constantly needs attention, but he doesn’t understand why, and he feels lonely when he doesn’t get it. Yet, he refuses to accept the reality that his own actions are what alienate people and cause him to be alone in the first place.

2. Ronnie – Ronnie is from the Bronx, but he’s not a typical Bronx macho man. I suspect that he was never a social leader in high school or after. He was likely the “third wheel” for a good amount of the social interactions in his life, or the one bro who never really fit in with the rest. He is big, but his confidence doesn’t match his stature. Ronnie is probably the happiest in the group, even though it may not seem like it because of his constant fighting with Sammi and his recent altercation with Mike. He is just happy to have found people in his life that he can consistently call his “friends.” He clings to Sammi because she is the first girl in his life who has treated him as her first choice and has shown a willingness to devote herself to him. He is probably not in love with Sammi, but rather in love with being in love. All this is demonstrated by his tendency to “swack” his fellow cast mates and his over the top dance moves at every club he ever goes to. Ronnie is finally in with the cool crowd, has a hot girlfriend, and is very content with it all. Although, he was only recently included in MVP to form MR. VP.

3. Vinny – Vinny is a family man. He feels a void in his life, and he can’t fill it with partying, drinking, or having lots of shallow sex. If you notice, Vinny is the one guy who is never shown consistently bringing home a girl to get it in. He won’t turn down a smush opportunity when it’s presented to him, but he doesn’t actively try to game women on the regular. He is an old fashioned romantic in the end. Vinny loves his mother, and he misses his life at home on Staten Island. He wants the comforts of a family life, and he is yearning for a quality woman to settle down with. That being said, he is surprisingly accepting. He is not judgmental of the other members of the house, and he’s always available to lend a nurturing word. He tries to recreate a strong family vibe among his house mates, and he becomes very disappointed when he fails. This is the reason Ronnie and Sam’s fights bother him more than they bother the others. He is genuinely affected by them because those conflicts are a direct threat to that family comfort he so ardently desires.

4. Pauly D. – Pauly is obsessive and meticulous. He is from Rhode Island, and probably comes from a wealthy background. He has never really had to deal with a great degree of responsibility in his life, though that is not unique to him. He focuses a disgusting amount of attention on his appearance, and that is likely because he needs something to devote his time to. He is not intelligent or capable enough to do anything outside of the club domain, so he focuses on his appearance and being a DJ. He is unambitious, and his lack of movement will catch up to him sooner or later. Though he is content with where he is at now, I suspect he will become bored with his life fairly soon and seek other avenues to channel his energies. Things have likely just fallen in his lap throughout his life, and he doesn’t really know what it is to earn something. Pauly will probably learn this lesson quickly and harshly.

5. Jenni “JWOWW” – Jenni is the most “normal” person on the show, though I hate using the word normal. She realizes how stupid the show is, and she realizes that the entire country is laughing at them. She doesn’t really care though. She’s in it for the money. She is getting paid lots of money for putting up with a group of ignorant irresponsible people, and she doesn’t really mind. She probably just does whatever the producers tell her too, and that’s likely the reason she has become the “big sister” on the show, regularly taking care of Snooki and defusing other conflicts in the house. Not to mention, she provides great eye candy with her giant chest. She is not a shallow person, and she isn’t fickle either. She knows what she wants out of life, and she knows how to take advantage of situations to achieve her goals. She appears to care about Snooki and other members of the house, though I suspect she cares a lot less than the show demonstrates.

6. Sammi “Sweetheart” – To me, Sammi is the most uninteresting of the house mates. She is a typical modern girl. She is somewhat intelligent, probably has a bachelor’s degree, or if not, is working on one. She will likely lead an average middle class life, working in an office somewhere. She enjoys partying and going out, but she isn’t a “partier,” so to speak. She probably keeps in touch with her family, and she has a tendency to over-dramatize her relationships, turning them into something they aren’t. I’m not quite sure about precisely how invested she is in Ronnie, but I am hesitant to say that she is actually completely in love with him, especially since her feelings really come out in full force only when she is drunk. There really isn’t much else to say about Sammi.

7. Snooki – I absolutely hate Snooki. She is an unattractive, stupid, spoiled little brat. She is the textbook definition of daddy’s little girl who was never disciplined and got whatever she asked for if she just cried a little. She has no tact and no class because she has never had any responsibility in her life. She is sloppy, regularly revealing herself in public environments and becoming uncontrollably inebriated even more regularly. She misses her daddy, and hates feeling helpless, which is why she becomes so broken after losing Jionni and after hitting a police officer’s vehicle in Italy. She doesn’t know anything about anything, and the last time she probably read a book was elementary school. She sometimes slips into insecurity, worrying about how people perceive her, but she eventually recovers and gets lost in living her life. This recovery usually happens through the consumption of a large amount of alcohol. Recently, Snooki has become antagonistic toward her house mates because they try to take care of her at every turn. What she doesn’t realize is that her own actions precipitate this desire in her house mates. Daddy has taken care of everything for her throughout her life, and she is incapable to doing things on her own. So, her house mates need to step in to take of the little girl.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that. I’m looking forward to the season finale tonight; it should be a good one.

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