Multiculturalism in the Modern World – Is it Viable?

David Cameron has claimed that the UK’s attempts at encouraging a multicultural society have failed. They have led to increased radicalization and a disparate Muslim youth population.

This story got me thinking about whether or not multiculturalism is a actually possible in modern pluralist societies, especially for Muslims in the modern political climate. Identity issues are never easy because they penetrate deeply into our emotional cores. Nevertheless, it is important for us to deal with these issues, particularly for governments to devise policies that allow people to deal with them effectively, especially in the modern political climate. Governments like those in France, England, and even some parts of the United States have failed miserably at fostering peaceful pluralistic communities. And yet, countries like The Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil have succeeded tremendously. So, what are the failing countries doing wrong?

To be honest, I really don’t know. I haven’t done the appropriate research to comment in a sophisticated and incisive manner. However, my initial suspicion is that these governments have either designed policies which threaten individual self-determination or which are too lax and allow radical influences to thrive as well. My goal with this post is only to get you thinking about this issue. On a more micro scale, it is probably very pertinent to your daily life as you likely deal with a variety of cultures and beliefs on a regular basis. I will read more into this as I find some time, so look for my analysis soon. Until then, read what other people have to say and think about it 🙂

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