Movie Night – Super 8

I was all kinds of excited for this movie. Spielberg and Abrams on the same project? That has epic written all over it. I didn’t expect the film to be Oscar-worthy or anything, but I did expect it to be entertaining and captivating. I didn’t expect to be bored, and I expected it to live up to the hype.

The movie was almost exactly what I expected. It was suspenseful, funny in the right ways at the right moments, and full of action. It had a young teenage romance to add a something little extra to it as well. Super 8 features a group of young friends filming a movie to enter into a film contest. One night they are at the train tracks filming when a train crashes and chaos ensues. The train crash is followed by the disappearances of people’s belongings and beloved pets, along with the disappearances of several people as well.

I won’t give away anything else, but I will say that the movie is worth watching. Though there are no crazy plot twists, and most of it is pretty expected and straight forward, it is definitely a good popcorn movie. The acting is good, particularly by the main character, and the character development of the children is adorable, and it feels very real. The film isn’t sophisticated, but most should be able to relate to it, except for the whole train crash and otherworldly creature thing.

One last note, if you’re a fan of Stephen King, as I am, you should love this movie. It has King written all over it, and the film is very reminiscent of a plot line that the famous author would develop.

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