Love Bites – The Best Show About All Things “Relationshippy”

Love Bites (NBC)I don’t like a lot of modern shows that address issues about relationships, sexuality, and such things. Most of them are inaccurate or they dramatize real issues in a way that gives people a false representation of reality. Shows like Glee, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and even Grey’s Anatomy pretend like they have a grasp on what it means to interact with people in a real and complicated way (I will grant that some shows are better quality than others). While such shows can be entertaining and appeal to large audiences, they do a great disservice to the American public. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy such television shows. They are entertaining and fun to watch, but it troubles me that there are a lot of people with whom these shows resonate emotionally, when they really shouldn’t. They are usually, if not always, biased and shallow, and they are designed and written to sell. Again, there is nothing really wrong with that because the purpose of these television programs is to entertain.

I have been hard pressed, however, to find a program that is both entertaining and sophisticated when dealing with these issues. Finally, NBC has managed to put on the air a show that I think is nearly perfect in its approach to relationships. Love Bites is a new program that airs Thursday nights on USA, and it offers a refreshing a witty approach to the complicated interactions with others we all face in our lives. It is witty and charming, not unlike the films Love Actually and Valentine’s Day. It pans out in segments, focusing on different types of relationships, interactions, and people. It addresses issue like homosexuality, sex, and commitment, among many others. Granted, it has only aired two episodes, but I am already in love with it. It does not sacrifice accuracy and in depth commentary for entertainment and cheaply written lines. The acting is surprisingly good, and the writing is fresh and colorful. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a TV show about all things “relationshippy,” and I sincerely advise everyone to check it out.

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