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Welcome to Shattering the Lens. Please feel free to look around the site. Use the navigation to the right to view the site pages and post categories and archives. I am sure you will find something which will spark your imagination or impress itself upon your consciousness. Or, you may find yourself bored and wanting to leave. Either way, I encourage you to leave comments and thoughts. Consider this a reflective pool where each drop of water reflects a different perspective of the world around it. Come and go as you please, add your own tears to the pool if you feel so inclined, or just take a moment to appreciate a perspective which may be different from your own.

Eternity can be found in a drop of water, and it takes even less than that to drown the universe.



  Sarah wrote @

Hi, again. Can you speak Celtic? My choir class is singing Dulaman in Celtic and no in mt. Vernon can speak it. Just wanting to know.

  Ace wrote @

Haha, nope, that’s not a talent I have.

  Anonymous wrote @

what do you have to say on the resolve for : on balance, government restrictions on threatening speech are desirable

  Ace wrote @

That’s a very open-ended question. Is there a specific part you’re asking about? I’d probably have a lot to say haha, likely another entire topic overview about it.

  ColeTrain wrote @

Is “Ace” the on that runs this blog? And the one that replies to comments? :)

  Ace wrote @

I’m the one who runs it, but anyone is able to post and reply to comments I try my best to answer any comments that people leave :)

  ColeTrain wrote @

Okay, cool! I hope you don’t mind my debating with you in the LD category. I just found your website and it has proved very helpful. I found my Neg. framework for the January topic on your post. :)

  Ace wrote @

Nope, don’t mind at all, that’s what the site is here for.

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